Saperia Dreams Dream Foster Closet  (SDDFC) allows children and caregivers to “shop” for free in our store. The Dream Closet reaches out to all children who are wards of the state of Georgia and provides free clothing and the necessary items for these children who are placed in foster homes.

The Dream Foster Closet (DFC) provides each child with at least 3-7seasonal outfits, a pair of shoes, socks, undergarments, two pajamas, hygiene products, and books, and for that particular time of the year. We will provide prom and graduation clothing and accessories for both girls and boys. Along with this, we will also offer high chairs, beds, video games, and Bibles. 


For many foster children, this case is all too real and sad for both foster parents and foster children. With the many cuts in the budget for child welfare agencies across the United States, foster parents receive fewer funds from these agencies, making it more challenging to provide for the foster children that come in and out of their homes. To make matters worse, the low economy has also left many foster parents with less money as they strive to provide such necessities as clothing for growing children. As a result, foster parents across the country struggle to provide for the children under their care.  

The Foster Closet also offers a program entitled “Pathway,” which provides additional help to foster children who turn 18 years of age. Pathway allows teens turning 18 and who qualify for Independent Living Programs, with items such as beds, sofas, televisions, dressers, kitchen, bathroom items, and anything else a teen might use for their new home.


DFC has a moving truck that delivers the items to the new apartment and moves them into the new dwelling. Finally, DFC has begun a new program called Lifeguards, a program designed to mentor foster children aged out of the system. The Foster Closet’s Lifeguards newest program became aware that those foster children who are over the age of 17 often do not have a mentor in their lives. Recognizing this, Lifeguard places mentors with those foster children between the ages of 18-23. These mentors contact their foster child once a week and meet with them every two weeks, offering advice, help, or simply a listening ear. For some foster children in this program, Lifeguards has helped provide a driver’s license fee, helped another open a bank account, and helped teach them the vital lesson of accountability.

Dream Foster Care Closet depends upon donations from our community. They are funded mainly through private and business donors, local grants, and supporting through private foundations. The Foster Closet also depends upon donations from their community and hosts two fundraisers per year. DFC also receives funding for the storefront from a local Community-Based Care Agency. Both organizations also rely on volunteers, whether through one of their programs or by merely answering the phone and running their stores.

 Without the donations and volunteers, we couldn’t Bless as many children.

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To bridge the gap of homelessness to permanent housing in an environment where youths can overcome trauma and build life skills...

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Our programs focus on transitional housing for youth aging out of the foster care system, typically between 16 and 24 years old.

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